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Two 2-Semester Scholarships for Full-Time Study
Four 1-Semester Scholarships for Full-Time Study
Ten 1/2-Semester Scholarships for Full-Time Study

Participants must be high school seniors graduating in the academic school year 2017.


Photo Essay Competition/What Do You Call Home?

We invite you to create a photo essay that explores the theme of "Home" through a series of five original photographs accompanied with a written statement.

"What Do You Call Home?"
"Home" can be defined in many ways including a physical space such as your state, your village, or the residence in which you live. "Home" can also mean, the emotional attachment you feel towards a community, a neighborhood, or a family. How do you define "Home?" What does the idea of "Home" mean to you? How does the idea of "Home" define your identity?

We are looking for you to explore your ideas and feelings about "Home" in a series of five photographs. Your photo essay could be documentary, or portrait of something completely original and unique. Your artist statement should discuss your ideas about "Home" through your photographs and must be included with your submission.


Graphic Design Poster Competition/What is Freedom?

We invite you to design a poster using typography and images that explore the question "What is Freedom?"

Consider the meaning and significance of "Freedom." How do you understand "Freedom?" Is it a personal choice? A creative license? What does "Freedom" mean to you, to your friends, to your society? "Freedom" is a theme that does not imply a definitive answer but rather is open to your creative interpretation.

In addition to the title "What is Freedom?" you can use any other texts such as poetry and quotes to create your submission. You can use type, photography and images in any medium and in any combination.


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