Dear Academy Students,

After much thought,  we have decided to complete the remainder of the spring semester using remote instruction.  We will not hold any further face-to-face classes this semester. Your next step is to open your Academy email from your faculty.  The faculty will email you directly with directions for your classes.

I have worked closely with the faculty who are doing amazing work adapting their curriculum to the online formats. We will improve our creative, artistic and digital skills.  This is a challenge but also an opportunity and we must look at it this way. 

We have several events and programs we will need to consider including exit interviews, portfolio week, A-Con 2020, Portfolio Night, and graduation.  Our faculty and staff will need time to look carefully at all our options for these events.  We will communicate updates when we can.

For those students who are in housing, we are in communication with the University Center regarding their status.  At this time, there are no plans to ask students to leave housing.

To our seniors preparing to graduate, we are particularly aware of how this global crisis effects you.  We know how hard you have worked to get to this point.  Also, we recognize how disappointing and sad you must feel.  We will consider your perspective as we move forward with the Academy’s end of the year plan.

The success of our online learning will be the responsibility of everyone, students as well as the faculty. Everyone at the Academy has a part to play.  I believe the Academy community will gain strength, resiliency and  compassion as we overcome this unprecedented situation.


Duncan Webb
Academic Dean
American Academy of Art
312 461 0600


The Academy is strong community and we will work together to get through this challenging time.

For further detailed information about the COVID-19 virus/Coronavirus, please see the following resources:

CDC Website

Chicago Department of Public Health

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