Fund101Persp_ArchElements(CUrban)_15CCFundamentals of Art introduces students to the tools, techniques and principles of artistic composition and design. This course introduces students to the steps of the artistic process from sketch to completed work. This process, in combination with an understanding of the core skills of the artist, begins to form a framework for the student’s individual artistic development. During this course, students explore various directions in the commercial and fine art fields. Students learn the course material through demonstrations, lectures, field trips and short and extended projects.


Students create projects using a variety of techniques and media, including pencil, watercolor and acrylic paint as well as the incorporation of different papers and surfaces.


Fundamentals of Art gives students an introduction to two-dimensional design. Exercises stimulate artistic imagination, requiring students to conceptualize and produce visual images that express a concept. Students learn to employ principles of line, shape, form, pattern, tone and arrangement to create a desired effect.


Students also demonstrate an understanding of perspective by applying one-, two- and three-point perspective to projects in design, illustration and architectural renderings. Projects involve the concepts of the picture plane, vanishing points, inclined planes and perspective in shadows.


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