Financial Aid

It is the goal of the Academy to help every eligible student obtain financial assistance.

The Academy participates in both the federal and the State of Illinois student financial aid programs. The level of financial assistance depends on demonstrated need as well as funds available, so it is wise to begin the process early. In fact, the Academy encourages the student to meet with the Financial Services staff even before enrollment is confirmed in order to assist the student in working out a plan to meet the cost of education.

Financial aid awards are based on a detailed analysis of need, taking into account many factors in addition to annual income. Also considered are total assets, debts, family size, marital status, other family members in college and recent changes in the family’s financial status. In order to determine a student’s eligibility, the student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid  (FAFSA) and the Academy’s Financial Aid Application and submit these to the Financial Services Office.

Financial Services personnel are available to assist students and parents in the completion of the forms and to answer questions about the application process.

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