The Academy is entering into a new endeavor of fund raising to help preserve the high standards that have been the legacy of the Academy for ninety-five years. 

You have the opportunity to assist the Academy in meeting their most important goals – offering a relevant curriculum that meets today’s art standards in the market place, ensuring a talented and qualified faculty, offering extra-curricular sessions such as the visiting artists’ program that enriches students’ educational experience, and helping students to fulfill their dream of graduating from the Academy.

The Alumni fund will help the Academy carry into the future the legacy it has established with the accomplishments of it many graduates.

The Academy continues to have a strong reputation of educating successful, professional artists and with your help, we can meet the needs and challenges of the future and support the artists of tomorrow. 

You can  also, make your contribution to AAA’s Alumni Gift Fund by contacting Lindsay Sandbothe at 312-461-0600.

The IRS recognizes the institution as tax exempt, which means that contributions to the institution are tax deductible.

Alumni Fund   

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