The American Academy of Art is a single purpose not-for-profit institution offering commercial and fine art programs.  The IRS recognizes the institution as tax exempt, which means that contributions to the institution are tax deductible. The Academy was founded in 1923, in Chicago, by Frank H. Young an internationally known illustrator.  He believed the Academy should, “provide the best instructors, attract the best students, and neglect nothing that will help them to build successful careers.” 

The Academy continues to build on its strong reputation of educating successful professional artists with emphasis on drawing and design based on the classical academic tradition.  We are home to a distinguished faculty committed to providing our students with artistic skills and knowledge using contemporary tools and techniques.  The Academy has made a substantial impact on 20th century popular culture.

More than ever today, young aspiring artists need help in reaching their career goals.  It could be financial need or program offerings that include the latest techniques and technical support.

The high cost of education has priced many talented students out of the market place.  With your gift we can establish scholarships and fund programs with the technology of today and tomorrow. 

You can  also, make your corporate gift by contacting Lindsay Sandbothe at 312-461-0600.


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