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The American Academy of Art is a Private Not-For-Profit College.  The IRS recognizes the institution as tax exempt, which means that contributions to the institution are tax deductible.  For 96 years, the American Academy of Art has been a supportive community for aspiring professional artists:  We nurture emerging talent, challenge students to grow, and connect them to the world beyond our classrooms.  When our students graduate, they do so with technical skills, a distinctive portfolio, and entrepreneurial savvy to succeed as creative professionals, no matter where they take their talents.

The Academy’s curriculum is based on developing strong foundational skills and knowledge from which students can improve their abilities as they complete challenging projects of progressive difficulty.  The Academy offers six Bachelor of Fine Arts degree programs in Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration, Painting with specializations in Oil Painting or Watercolor Painting, Photography, and 3-D Modeling/Animation.

Our students succeed because our faculty is committed to their success.  Art education necessitates deep student-faculty engagement; professors must truly know and understand their students to help them discover their unique voices and express themselves.  We hire faculty who will take the time to mentor their students, and we empower our faculty to work the way they need to by keeping our class sizes and small student body. 

Together with Career Services, small class sizes, a supportive atmosphere, and individual attention, they make the Academy the close-knit community aspiring creative professionals need – a place where artists are invested in one another’s success.

As we evolve to support out students’ needs and to better prepare them for the world in which they will live and work, we want to sustain what has always set us apart; our deep commitment to students and faculty.  The Academy now seeks the philanthropic support of our community to help us keep this commitment, as tuition alone is not enough to support the ever evolving change of the art work and the technology of the future.   

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