Staff Member Lindsay Sandbothe Wins Award for Painting

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On June 8, Academy Career Services Coordinator Lindsay Sandbothe took second place in the “Best in Show” category for her painting “Peacock” at the Chesterton Art Center‘s 71st Annual Chesterton Woman’s Club Art Show. Lindsay also entered a painting of two scarlet macaws titled “Two Scarlets”.

Two paintings side-by-side. One features a peacock and the the other features two scarlet macaws.

When asked why she loves to paint animals, birds in particular, Lindsay shared –

Animals have always been my favorite subject for creating art. They are all so incredible  – the way they look, behave, and adapt to their environments. As a painter, I enjoy the challenge and variety of capturing all of their different shapes, colors, and textures. I find this is exaggerated even more in birds, which have been a focus of my work for the past several years. 

Between birds and other animals, I am “collecting” as many species as I can for my portfolio. As part of my process, I take my camera into the field (or in many cases, the zoo!) to observe the animal in its habitat. By using my own reference photos I can accurately depict what I witnessed as far as appearance and behavior, but also form a more personal connection that inspires my paintings. 

Congratulations to Lindsay on her award!

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