Responsible Use of Technology

The American Academy of Art’s technology resources are for academic purposes that support the Academy’s mission. All members of the Academy community are expected to use these resources including hardware, software and services (i.e. email, portal, databases, and telephone) in a responsible and appropriate manner. By using the Academy’s technology resources, users are agreeing to use these resources in an ethical manner and in accordance with all relevant policies and laws including privacy, harassment and intellectual property. Misuse of the Academy’s technology resources can lead to disciplinary action. Examples of misuse of technology resources include but are not limited to: downloading or sharing music, videos, software, images or text in a manner that violates copyright; using bandwidth or storage excessively; introducing viruses or installing destructive software.

The Academy reserves the right to extend, restrict or deny access to its technology resources. Termination of these privileges will occur with the breach of the Academy’s policy or any federal, state or local law.