The Academy has for many years offered a limited scholarship program for senior high school students. The increasing cost of education many times prices a student out of their educational dream.  With your help we can increase the awards of the scholarship programs and build a financial need program to help those talented art students meet their financial need.

The tuition and fees at the Academy exceeds $33,000 annually plus books and supplies.  The support for financial aid exceeds what the Academy can do without your help.

Our goal is to expand our existing high school scholarship program and initiate a scholarship program based on need and merit.  Give today and make a student realize their dream. 

You can, also, make your contribution to AAA’s Scholarship Fund by contacting Lindsay Sandbothe at 312-461-0600.

The IRS recognizes the institution as tax exempt, which means that contributions to the institution are tax deductible.

Scholarship Fund   

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