Transfer of Credit Policies and Procedures for the BFA Program

The American Academy of Art will consider the transfer of credits for completed course work from other institutions, provided they are submitted for evaluation prior to the student’s start in the program.

To be eligible for transfer of credit to the college, completed course work must have achieved a minimum grade of “C” or “2.0” and must be considered comparable in content, purpose and standards to the level of course work at the American Academy of Art. Only credits from nationally accredited or regionally accredited institutions will be considered, and no more than fifty percent of the course work may be completed at other institutions.

Unofficial student transcript copies may be used for preliminary analysis of possible credit, but final awarding of credit can only be based on transcripts that are official and original.

Accepted credits earned at other institutions will be recorded on a student’s permanent academic record, but grades received at other institutions will not be recorded or included in the student’s grade point average.

To Transfer Credit from the American Academy of Art

Program coursework and specific graduation requirements of institutions vary considerably. The Registrar will provide academic information to any institution upon the written request of the student. The receiving institution will evaluate the credits earned at the American Academy of Art and determine the transferability of those credits. Please recognize that the Academy has no control over the policies of other institutions.

Graphic Design Outcomes

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  1. Create a body of work that applies graphic design concepts using typography and images. These images may include photography, illustration, web design and digital imaging.
  2. Verbally and visually articulate design concepts using professional business communication.
  3. Be able to identify a target audience, conceptualize a solution and develop a design for the problems presented.
  4. Using industry-standard graphic arts equipment and software, design and produce well-organized, fully functioning and accurate electronic files using appropriate software for a range of communications projects.
  5. Manage workflow to facilitate deadlines with multiple projects.
  6. Apply the ethical guidelines of the professional community.


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