Courtney Bonk

U.S. Cellular Campaign

A campaign created to appeal to environmentally conscious millennials. Using a rurally based female business owner, Kathryn Bonner, I wanted to tell her story of creating her small business. Focusing on telling the story of how US cellular kept her connected to her friends, family and small business all while impacting the world for the better.

Third Wave Brewing

Third Wave is a brewery owned by two women who are best friends. They named the company inspired by third wave feminism and being located near the coast appealing the surfer culture. I wanted to modernize their brand, making it more appealing to a younger demographic. I art directed an Illustrator, Mac Carey. Inspired by linocut illustrations and adult coloring books I implemented an eye-catching color scheme and created thumbnails for Mac to execute in an ideal style.

A Stranger in Time

For this series I approached strangers who were outside smoking, asking them if I could direct and pose them for photos. It was my first experience approaching people I didn’t know to photograph and really enjoyed connecting with my subjects.

SLE Event Creation

SLE, Sexual Liberation Expo, is an event created to both reignite the spark with couples who are burdened by sexual shame and also educate partners about the misconceptions of BDSM especially how we define being a submissive male in our society.

The Original Sin

AI: Contest submission for AI Awareness. I love utilizing mythos and symbolic references in my work to get my message across. I selected the story of Adam and Eve and the temptation of the apple to be metaphor for the dangers of the AI arms race. Furthering that with an impactful, and disturbing, quote from Vladimir Putin.

Mr. and Mrs. Pennyworth

A poster designed for the play Mr. and Mrs. Pennyworth at the Lookinglass Theater. Inspired by the puppetry in the play, I created letters out of burlap and constructed letters, then hanging them from string to form “puppet-like” letters to form the name of the play.

RoboToaster Internship

Interning at RT I had the chance to rebrand a local bar called the Country Club. Modernizing the menu with a fresh blue and a tall sans serif font. I also got to design slide decks for companies like Hilton, Malört and ComEd.

A Walk Through Words Promotional Campaign

Promotional designs for “A Walk Through Words”. Inspired by Cumming’s symbolic poetry with a main focus on typography to help convey his message. I took the exhibit designs and expanded it into promotional products marketing towards designers, poetry enthusiasts and their families.

A Walk Through Words Exhibit Design

This is an exhibit design for the Chicago Poetry Foundation. Designs are made to scale. Videos in the exhibit also designed and executed by me. I have always been inspired by how unique Cummings’ poetry is and wanted to curate an experience for guests to literally walk through his words.