Elise Marquardt

Elefun the Elephant

Elefun the Elephant is a Hasbro game typically played by children. This game consists of a little plastic elephant that shoots butterflies out of its trunk. The players then run around and catch the butterflies with their given nets. The game box redesign is inspired by the style of a children’s book. Elise merged the two worlds of illustration and typography to give this game a complete makeover. The illustration was done with watercolor and gouache. The added elements of text were done in a similar style within procreate. It all perfectly blends together to create a charming new look.


Saplings is an ongoing project of a fictional local grocery store. It includes everything from logo, interior/exterior design, and branding. This piece is the illustrative part of their brand. Saplings is based off of Elise’s childhood home which is surrounded by apple trees. It is important to her that Saplings gives off sincere and comforting vibes to all of its shoppers. This illustration would be used on merchandise, promotions and other aspects of their brand. It was done in a traditional style in procreate. The vibrancy is an important factor for Saplings as it is trying to bring in customers and promote their business.

The Chonk Shake

The Chonk Shake, or also known as a freakshake is a milkshake that is piled high with goodies. Elise wanted to capture the deliciousness of this creation with an illustration. When it comes to food, sometimes using a photograph doesn’t do the creation justice. The final piece is a promotional advertisement that would be used for a business. The organic shapes of these treats are positioned in harmony while also following the rules of perspective. The goal of this ad should make people of all ages want to go out and buy this treat and tell their friends about it.

Alameda Piranhas

The Alameda Piranhas is a logo for youth skateboarding team in California. The logo gives off a sense of grit without being too graphic. The style inspiration was to create something fierce, yet playful, because in the end it’s all about having fun with your hobbies and extra curriculars.

Live in Luxury

Live in Luxury is a limited time gift box that will be given to every room (21+) booked over the New Year with Marriott Hotels. When a room is booked the gift box will be waiting in the room for when the guests arrive. It comes with an invitation to Live in Luxury that explains all the contents of the gift box. The limited-edition gift box includes goodies for guests to enjoy, such as slippers, sleep mask, bath bomb, candle, macarons, party hats, confetti poppers, the Leesie Cosmetics skin care line and a complimentary bottle of champagne. Every item goes with the theme of relaxing and living in luxury

Blue Moose Cafe

Blue Moose Café is a small local café located in Port Townsend, Washington in the Pacific Northwest. The charm this café has inside does not match their current menu created by Microsoft word. Elise utilized the café’s theme of blue to design a fun spread that showcases the delicious food and quirky names. The redesign has an easily readable layout that gives the locals a feeling of comfort and adds no stress to ordering their favorite meals. This project inspired Elise to get into editorial design. Which came in handy for her Love Bites Cookbook.

Love Bites

Love Bites is a cookbook with bite sized recipes. This is perfect for two lovers, or friends who want to easily whip up delicious foods. All the recipes within the book do not require too much time or effort. Each recipe gives detailed ingredients, the time it takes to prepare and cook as well as the difficulty level. Included within the cookbook is a contents page and four sections: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. The typography is coupled with illustrations to fit the overall design of the cookbook. It is a total of 37 pages. Love Bites would make an excellent Valentine’s Day, or anniversary gift.

Golden Blaze

Golden Blaze is a limited-edition Coors Banquet. This design is to pay tribute to the wildland firefighters that risk their lives to protect our wilderness. The proceeds of this product would go to the wildland firefighter foundation. The elements of this project include the Golden Blaze logo, the addition to their original logo, the outside packaging and the bottle label. Elise wanted to highlight the importance of firefighters’ line gear, including their Pulaski tool, fire pack, and boots. Wearing the proper gear is important for the safety of those who protect

The Nook

The Nook is a small corner cafe that serves coffee and hot bar items. Elise wanted to showcase how yummy The Nook’s food is without using a photograph. The illustration is intended to be used as a promotional advertisement for their breakfast items.

A Court of Thorns and Roses Book Series

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah Maas is a book series consisting of four books. Elise went beyond her typical style and leaned into being more abstract. The background is inspired by fantasy, and is coupled with geometric line art. It was important that all of them can stand alone but live in harmony as a series.

Thrift Flip Fashion

Three contestants on the show go through three different stages. Firstly, they design a new outfit with the intention of repurposing thrifted clothing. Next, they head off to the thrift store chosen for that week’s episode and pick out their materials needed. Once they have gathered all their supplies they start sewing and creating a look that will soon take the runway. The final fashion show is a public event where bystanders can interact. A final winner would be chosen, and the outfits created would be auctioned off to the crowd. All the proceeds of this show and event will go to the non-profit chosen by the thrift store.