Kayla Lutz

When the Cardinals Visit

When the Cardinals Visit is an original idea for a children’s book. It tells the story about a girl who has just lost her mother and is in the grieving process. While grieving, she notices cardinals appearing everywhere, and feels a sense of familiarity with them. The idea is based on the saying “when angels are near, cardinals appear.” This story is to show that while you feel alone at sometimes unbearable times, there is always someone watching over you.

Astrology – Aquarius

An ongoing series of illustrations that will eventually turn into a whole book aimed at younger audiences. Astrology is a series that showcases all the astrological signs and informs the reader about the most important aspects of each sign.

Denise and Reagan Explore the Woods

This project is another original children’s book. It tells the story of two girls who decide to adventure into the woods. While in there, they get separated and things start to feel off. While separated, both girls meet new creatures that should normally never be found in the woods. In the end, the story is about sticking with each other and never separating when out and about.

The Old Willis Place

This is a book cover redesign of the book The Old Willis Place. It tells the story of two siblings that died on the property of the Old Willis Place who decide to break the rules set in place in order to get close to the caretaker’s daughter.

Scarecrow Family

Scarecrow Family is part of an ongoing series of illustrations titled Abnormal Families. This series uses the idea of family pictures to showcase unusual family dynamics, like scarecrows.

Dallas Cowboys Coloring Pages

A series of illustrations for a coloring book featuring star players of the Dallas Cowboys. This book would be aimed at teens and young adults who are fans of the team.

America’s Hometown Packaging

America’s Hometown is a beer created by Mark Twain Brewing Co. The packaging for America’s Hometown is to showcase the warm feeling Hannibal, MO. Mark Twain is a central figure of the town, which is why he is featured on the label.

The Search for Lost Treasure

Full spread illustration, for a book about pirates that have been on a long search for treasure.

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

An illustration based on the popular Aesop’s fable called The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse.

The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

An illustration based on the popular Aesop’s fable called The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.

War of the House Pets

An illustration based on house pets not getting along. The rabbits are dressed as knights while ambushing the cat kingdom.

Rain or Shine

A book cover design based on the hit Korean drama called Rain or Shine. The story navigates the lives of those affected by a mall collapse.