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Tour Chicago Architecture

Tour Chicago Architecture (TCA) is a company that inspires people to discover why design matters. The app will educate and inspire people to find out about Chicago’s architectural history. Through searching for events, exhibitions, or guided walking tours, anyone can join the TCA community.

Dead & Co Community

This app brings fans a way to connect through one online platform. The consumer can message and follow fellow Deadheads as they stream past shows or listen to the weekly podcast. Other attributes include an online shop as well as a gps map to explore venues and bars throughout the United States. The Dead & Co Community app will bring meeting and planning the next Dead adventure easier.

Box Appetit

A food delivery service that brings recipes right to your doorstep. The app will help place and schedule meals, while the recipe cards will instruct meal prep.

The recipe cards shown are 8×8 hand-laminated, hole-punched sheets connected with metal book rings. The idea is each box comes with a lamented (easy to clean) recipe card that can be added to your existing cards and hung in your kitchen to remake the recipe.

Van Gogh, Dali, and Beyond: The World Reimagined

The third exhibition in a dynamic, multiyear partnership between The Museum of Modern Art and the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

The Yellow Wallpaper

A fifty–two page re–design of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s classic novel, The Yellow Wallpaper.

The Little Prince

Chicago’s Lookingglass Theatre Company and Ensemble Member David Catlin directed The Little Prince. This brochure features an interview with David, list of staff, sponsors for the theatre, and upcoming events.


Adrian Frutiger designed the typface Univers in 1957, this booklet unfolds the anatomy behind the letters and the ideologies of Frutiger while creating the font.

Hidden Gems

This book highlights ten influential Black designers that shaped the design community. Each artist practiced forms of typography, communication design, interaction design, and brand identity. Each creator has been recognized through AIGA, The American Institute of Graphic Arts.

Oak Park

Once an ancient glacial lake and home to the Potawatomi Indians, Oak Park was named for its expansive land covered in all oak trees. This photography book examines the people and places of the suburb during the Summer of 2019.


Manually fed through an Epson printer. Eighty people were asked four questions and their answers were paired with a photograph to summarize their personal experience of the year.

What color do you associate with this year? Three objects you used the most this year? Something you think you accomplished this year? One word that described your overall experience?

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