2022 Alum Lindsey Abell On Pursuing a Career

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Lindsey shares a bit about her role as an Advertising Illustrator and Graphic Designer with Von Maur

This past spring, Lindsey Abell graduated from the Academy with a Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration. After graduation, she began her job hunt, focusing mostly on well-known job search sites. After a few months of searching, she decided to widen her net. Looking through smaller, less known, and local job boards led Lindsey to Von Maur, an upscale department store with headquarters in Iowa, where she is originally from. A few days after applying she was contacted for a short phone interview followed by a second in-person interview.

 “The second interview was daunting. It was exactly like my exit interview at the Academy, except I was interviewed 2 on 1. Afterward, I felt good though, I went in confident and left confident. I got a call to start working a few days later and was so happy that I finally found a job in my field!”

Lindsey’s typical week at Von Maur is split into tasks. She is in charge of content creation for

Social Media, the Von Maur website homepage and banners, and all physical signage for the stores. She spends the majority of her time working in Adobe Photoshop. When it comes time to print the physical signage, Lindsey has to print, hand cut, and ship her designs to every Von Maur store. She spends the remainder of her time doing design work on the website, preparing for the homepage refresh every Saturday.

A Kendra Scott image for the Von Maur homepage, designed by Lindsey Abell

Lindsey has 4 pieces of refreshingly honest advice for future grads in search of a career:

  • “When job hunting, don’t stop. It can be so exhausting to keep applying to hear nothing or get rejection emails. Just keep going. I applied to at least 150 jobs, went to so many interviews, and have a massive folder of customized cover letters. Don’t let rejection get to you, you will find a job if you never stop applying.”
  • “Apply for jobs, even if it isn’t in your specific niche. You took web design, art direction, typography, etc. for a specific reason. Don’t be afraid to use those skills!”
  • “Never stop creating. I work a typical 9-5 and I do most of my creative stuff at work. When I get home, I usually just want to watch tv or go to bed. Don’t forget to set aside time to make your own art. It’s part of your identity, ya [sic] know?”
  •  Have fun at the Academy, the community is truly amazing.

Lindsey looks back on her days at the Academy fondly, especially Halloween season. Her favorite memories are from being around so many costume makers, with candy everywhere, and the Halloween parade.

To see more of Lindsey’s artwork, check out her Instagram.

Featured Image Credit: Michael Harris

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