Mission Statement

To teach students the traditional and contemporary skills that will enable them to pursue careers as professional artists. Academy graduates will have the professional skills and vision, the knowledge of other disciplines of human achievement, and the commitment to lifelong learning needed to succeed in a global society while contributing to their communities.

Core Values

The college community believes in LEADERS:

Lifelong Learning

Among our students and staff alike, the Academy believes in the importance of ongoing professional, intellectual and artistic development.


The Academy emphasizes preparing all students with a solid foundation of traditional artistic skills, such as drawing, color and design, regardless of their professional goals.


The Academy strives for excellence by actively seeking both internal and external assessment to improve student learning across the curriculum.


The Academy believes that diverse perspectives are essential to learning. It promotes respect for cultural diversity in all its forms, including diversity of artistic practices.


The Academy realizes that its ultimate success is measured by the number of graduates who find careers and fulfillment as professional artists.


The Academy recognizes the ethical responsibilities of art practitioners and promotes a culture of academic and professional integrity.


The Academy seeks to provide a challenging environment where students can discover their full potential and apply with confidence the life skills of self-discipline, responsibility, and problem solving.