Foundation Studies

fund_1During the first year of study at the American Academy of Art, students follow a core of courses that are foundational to becoming a skilled professional artist. Students gain a broad understanding of the methods and techniques of art and learn a specialized vocabulary necessary for communicating about artistic concepts with their peers. At the completion of the foundation program, students are equipped with the tools of the artist that are required for advanced-level studies in the next three years. In addition to the technical aspects of art, students also begin to develop analytical skills in evaluating their own work.

Classes put an emphasis on demonstrating professionalism and working within a diverse artistic community to achieve common goals. This extensive introduction to the study of art is also important in helping students to refine their academic and career goals to prepare them for more specialized study.



Fund-6Foundation Outcomes

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Depict objects, including the human figure, in space

  • Use a variety of traditional drawing and painting mediums

  • Apply color theory both in the depiction of objects (including the human figure) and in non-representational design

  • Apply the principles of perspective

  • Employ design principles and theories

  • Present and evaluate artwork



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