Student Services


The American Academy of Art College provides a range of student services to support students in meeting their academic, personal and professional goals. The Academy’s student services are coordinated by the Dean’s office in conjunction with the Registrar’s office and include student advising, career services, co-curricular activities, housing, and the library learning resource center. The Academy is committed to providing the support and resources for student success beginning with orientation through career services and beyond.


All new students are required to attend an orientation program before their start date. Information is provided by the Academic Dean, the Registrar, Financial Services, Career and Housing Coordinator, and the Faculty.


Registration for an upcoming semester takes place during the previous semester; for example, registration for the spring term would take place in the latter half of the fall term. Each student receives an individualized registration packet that is prepared by the Registrar’s Office. The packet contains guidelines for registration and students are directed to the school’s portal to review their Catalog Requirement Analysis (CRA). The student’s CRA delineates all program requirements; the grades earned for completed courses, and the courses remaining for program completion. The Registrar is available for individual conferences in planning the schedule for the next semester.

Student Advising

Student advising at the American Academy of Art College is designed to provide students with life skills, relevant coping skills, resources, and self-reliance to achieve their goals. Student advising is conducted using a team approach of faculty and staff members. The Academy’s student advising program seeks to provide students with the tools to address a range of challenges while supporting their general development in higher education. Academic advising is provided throughout the school year by the Registrar, the Academic Dean, Faculty Advisors, and the Department Chairs. In addition, career advising and development are available through the Career Services Office. The Student Advising Coordinator is available for students seeking referrals for services such as counseling, transportation, and child care.

The Academy has developed several tools to improve student success and assist students on their path to graduation. The Academy uses the Noel Levitz Retention Management System Plus to increase our student’s success. Each incoming student completes a survey that assists the Academy’s faculty advisors to determine the type of motivational assistance each student needs. The faculty advisors then meet with each incoming student throughout their first year to provide support, referrals, and guidance in developing relevant coping skills. First-year students prepare a portfolio for review with a senior faculty member. The portfolio review provides an opportunity to review the student’s successes, challenges, and strategies for success in the program and career development.

The Student Advising staff also monitors academic progress in conjunction with the Registrar’s Office. At midterm, all student grades are reviewed and the student advisors will meet with each student who has received a grade lower than a ‘C’ to discuss strategies to improve the final grade. Also, the student advising staff meets regularly with students who are on probation. For more information regarding satisfactory academic progress please see the catalog and student handbook.

Student advisors also refer students to additional services to support their progress. Though the Academy does not provide individualized tutoring, faculty members are available to discuss questions regarding the course. Students may seek additional support in the library with research and writing; in the open labs in graphic design, photography, and 3D modeling/animation. Also, students seeking additional help in drawing and painting can utilize the open studio sessions. These support resources are staffed by faculty and student workers and are available on a drop-in basis.

College Success Seminar

All students entering college for the first time are required to take the College Success Seminar in their first semester. This 16-week, one-semester credit hour course provides general development strategies appropriate to higher education students in the following areas: Life development, career development, personal financial planning skills, time management, health and wellness, study skills and strategies, effective note-taking, and developing a professional network. This course also familiarized students with some of the key policies, people, and resources available to students at the Academy.

Attendance and Leave of Absence Policy

The Registrar’s Office provides the monitoring and supervision of student attendance records and leaves of absence. Students are expected to use time management skills in the same manner as they would be required to do in the workplace. The Academy’s Attendance Policy is comparable to plans that are used in business today. For more details please see the Academy’s Attendance Policy in the catalog and student handbook. Students may apply to the Registrar for a Leave of Absence (LOA), which is considered a temporary break in attendance. LOAs are granted for medical reasons, family emergencies, or circumstances beyond your control. For more information, please see the Leave of Absence Policy in the student handbook.

Career Services

Making the transition from college to a career is an important step for students, and the Career Services office has a specific strategy for providing guidance during this time. All students are required to meet with the Career Services Coordinator before graduation. During these meetings, students review their resumes, career goals, and promotional materials and participate in a mock interview. These meetings help students to focus their employment search and develop confidence in making career decisions. The Career Services office is also a point of contact with our alumni, who are an important part of our academic and creative community. Although the Academy cannot guarantee placement, placement assistance is available to all alumni at any stage in their career.


The American Academy of Art College partners with off-campus housing facilities to provide students with the opportunity to experience exciting urban living in the world-class city of Chicago. Located within walking distance of the Academy, the off-campus housing is convenient to such popular Chicago attractions as Millennium Park, Grant Park, Navy Pier, the Magnificent Mile, the Theater District, and the Museum Campus. The city is your campus, with history, culture, and entertainment waiting outside your door.

To learn more about the Academy’s housing contact your admissions representative or email our housing coordinator at