Career Services

The American Academy of Art College has a long tradition of preparing students for professional careers in art. In addition to an academic program that helps students to build the necessary skills and knowledge for an art career, we also have an active Career Services office that plays a vital role in professional development. Students can begin taking advantage of the Career Services office as early as their freshman year.

Each semester of a student’s program is a critical building block in the education process, eventually leading to employment. Our Career Services office helps students to maximize each step of the building process through internships, competitions, study abroad programs, and part-time or full-time employment, as well as freelance opportunities.

Our Career Services office is at the center of a close collaboration between faculty, staff, students, and potential employers. We maintain contact with employers in sectors of the art world to ensure that we have an accurate understanding of the needs and requirements of their industry. Students make many decisions in their college years that will impact their career opportunities throughout their lives. We are available to discuss the many options that are open to students at every stage to help them to make the best decisions possible.

Making the transition from college to a career is an important step for students, and our Career Services office has a specific strategy for providing guidance during this time. All students are required to meet with the Career Services Coordinator. During these meetings, students review their resumes, career goals, and promotional materials, and participate in a mock interview. These meetings help students to focus their employment search and develop confidence in making career decisions.

The Career Services office is also a point of contact with our alumni, who are an important part of our academic and creative community. Although the Academy cannot guarantee placement, placement assistance is available to all alumni at any stage in their career. Alumni are often a source of referrals for freelance, part-time or full-time employment for current students and new graduates. Since the opportunities in the art field are so varied, we maintain a broad network of employers, including art galleries and employers who hire primarily freelance artists.

Employers visit our campus to view student work in the galleries and to interview current students. The American Academy of Art College is well represented in the art community by the success of our graduates. We strive to prepare our students for rewarding careers where they can fully apply the skills and knowledge they have gained during their years at the Academy.