AAA-1060Admissions Procedures and Requirements

  1. Students applying for entry into the American Academy of Art must submit the completed application form. All applicants are required to have an interview with a representative of the school when they apply. Former students who are applying for re-entry into the same degree program from which they withdrew must coordinate with the Registrar rather than through the admissions office.
  2. Only high school graduates or recipients of the G.E.D or a degree from an institution of higher learning may apply for and attend degree classes. An official transcript of grades must be sent directly from a high school and any post-secondary school attended to the American Academy of Art, Office of the Registrar, 332 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60604.

Students attending other post-secondary schools without a 2.0 cumulative grade point average may be admitted with provisional status. Students will need to schedule an appointment with the Academic Dean for a transcript and portfolio review. Decisions about acceptance are made on a case by case basis.

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