Melissa Escutia

A Monster Moved In

A young boy named Benjamin Bingley puts his closet up for rent. A simple plan to raise money quickly gets out of hand as it becomes harder and harder to hide the monster from his parents.

Wild Whiskers

Coloring book design with a whimsical take on the wild west. Each page features a unique character and pattern inspired by motifs commonly seen in western America.

Baby Moses

A peaceful moment among the tall grass in the Nile. Pharaoh’s daughter finds a baby and Moses is finally safe.

Humphry and the Alien

Concept idea for a graphic novel inspired by the life of 1800’s inventor Humphry Davy. While trying to make a name for himself as an inventor, Humphry discovers an alien who had crash landed nearby. He befriends the alien, and the two of them set off on a journey to find the alien’s long lost father. Humphry must then decide what’s more important, friendship, or fame.

The Greenville Curse

Wendy Holloway is a normal middle schooler, trying to deal with the monotonous life of suburban living. When slowly she discovers that her town is stuck in a time loop. She befriends Minima, the town witch, who helps her to learn magic hoping one day Wendy will be strong enough to release the town from the curse of time.

My Search for Bigfoot

What started as a one-off graphic novel page about myself hunting bigfoot, turned into a serious layout study. The serious style I implemented later influenced the work of Tudor High.

Not So Healthy Eating

Designed to poke fun at the decision to put your pet on a vegan diet.

Strawberry Fields Forever

Album cover re-design, with hand-drawn lettering, for The Beatles song Strawberry Fields Forever. Designed to capture the trippy lyrics while giving the song new life.

Avant Cards

Card deck designed to give a modern twist to famous paintings from history. Each card is inspired by works from artists including Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, and Picasso while remaining coherent as one deck of cards.

Zoo Lights

Promotional poster design intended to capture the magic of Christmas at the zoo.